About Diana

For twenty-five years Diana Penn worked in international finance becoming a trust company director in 2001. Whilst travelling she witnessed many inequalities which led to her resignation from the position and setting about obtaining the necessary experience to work in overseas aid. Breaking into the charity world in 2002 did not, however, prove to be easy.
First she contributed to the work of Raleigh International in Chile and Costa Rica then eventually in 2004 she took a position with Oxfam.
Diana was prepared for some aspects of her future having experienced holidays with rough living in various wild places. In 1990’s she had added flying to her skills both instructing and flying commercially. This may explain the references in most chapters to her flights with other small airlines and the insights she shows into their procedures.
When applying for the position, whilst a mother of three with a fascination for the more remote parts of the world, she had little idea of the extreme situations she would experience.